Party Cakes

As our business grows, so is the number of custom cake order we receive!! Our calendar has been booking us months in advance - especially around holidays. We have found a solution!!!!!


We are excited to announced that we will now be opening our calendar for these exciting Party Cakes!

We only need 1 weeks notice!!!!

You can choose from any of the 5 cake flavors below. However, they CANNOT be customized. If you need a custom cake, you can email us to see if your date is available on our calendar!


We have available in store cake toppers and fun candles you can have us add to your cake!


We will currently be accepting a limited amount per week for now until can hire more help for the kitchen!

Some of these flavors will change as the seasons change! Keep an eye out!!

Ordering Your Party Cake

1.) Choose your cake!
* The cake description is under each picture below! The cake will look like each picture.

Birthday Cake


Funfetti cake covered with vanilla buttercream, filled with rainbow sprinkles, and covered in rainbow sprinkles. Decorated with a buttercream rope on top.

Cookies and Cream


Chocolate cake with a crushed oreo filling, covered in cookies and cream buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate ganache drip, whole oreos on top, and swirls of cookies and cream buttercream.

White Chocolate Raspberry


Vanilla cake with a fresh raspberry puree filling, covered in white chocolate ganache buttercream and fresh raspberry buttercream. Decorated with a white chocolate drip and fresh raspberries on top.

Death By Chocolate


Chocolate cake with a rich, house-made chocolate ganache filling, and covered in chocolate buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate ganache drip and chocolate candies on top.

Strawberry Shortcake


Vanilla cake with a fresh strawberry puree filling and a whipped vanilla buttercream filling. Covered in a delicious strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries on top.

Pumpkin Spice


Pumpkin Spice cake covered in a delicious cinnamon buttercream. Topped with dollops of buttercream, pumpkin candies, and a dusting of cinnamon.

2.) Choose your cake size!
6" (serves 8-12 slices) $65, plus tax
8" (serves 18-24 slices) $85, plus tax

3.) Choose if you'd like writing on the cake board or an additional topper from our retail selection!
* We can write up to 6 words on the cake board (ex. Happy 24th Birthday Johnny Boy!)
** Additional toppers are available in store!

4.) Place your cake order!
You MUST give us atleast 1 weeks notice for these cakes.
Please understand that we may book up faster some weeks with Party Cakes. So we highly recommend to place your order as soon as possible.
When placing your order, please include the following:
1.)The cake flavor
2.) Cake size
3.) Any writing you may want written on the cake board
4.) Pickup date and time (Pickup can be Wednesdays-Sundays before 6pm)


Submitting Your Order

Visit us during business hours: Thursday-Sunday
Call us during business hours