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July Cupcake Flavors

No preorder is needed for our daily cupcakes. We have new flavors available each week! View the weekly flavors below and plan ahead!

For 2+ dozens, please call a few days prior to secure your cupcakes.

Week of 3rd-6th

* 4th of July Popup Menu on the 4th

- Very Berry Cheesecake

- Blue Raspberry

- Red, White & Sprinkle

- Chocolate Strawberry

- Classic Red Velvet

- Cookies and Cream

Week of 10th-13th

- Circus animal

- Pink Lemonade

- Oreo Sprinkle

- White Chocolate RAspberry

- Chocolate Cheesecake

- Neapolitan Sundae

Week of 17th-20th

*Barbie Day Popup Menu on the 20th

- Mixed berry Shortcake

- Strawberries and Cream

- Raspberry Lemonade

- Campfire s'mores 

- Pina Colada

- mint chip sundae

Week of 24th-27th

- Death By Chocolate

- orangesicle

- mocha cookie crumble

- strawberry lemonade

- white chocolate biscoff

- blackberry cheesecake

Daily Cupcake Pricing: 
Individuals - $4
4 packs - $15
6 packs - $22.80
Dozen - $44

Not sure if you'll make it before we sell out?

Call us as soon as we open, the day you need them and we can hold up to 2 dozen cupcakes out of our daily selection!

We can also put together a sweets box, that includes the other sweet items we may have in the case! Price will vary.

**Payment is REQUIRED for any held items. Items will not be held unless paid for.

Custom Cupcakes

Cupcakes are so versatile and much easier to hand out at parties and large events! Mini sized or regular sized, we can make your cupcake dreams come true!

What to know before ordering

Custom cupcake orders are excepted with a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor.
We require at least 3 weeks notice for 1-2 dozen custom cupcakes.
More than 2 dozen requires at least 1 months notice.

1.) Most cupcake flavors can be turned in to cake flavors, vice versa.

2.) When open regular business hours, we have on hand up to 5-7 different cupcake flavors you can choose from to make an assortment. No pre-order needed. Maximum of 2 dozen per person, per day. - However; customization is not available on those.

3.) No fondant is used on any of our cupcakes or cakes. We strictly design with buttercream frosting, chocolate creations, fruits, and other toppers.

Placing your custom cupcake order:

1.) Choose your cupcake flavor

2.) Mini-sized or regular sized?
(Some flavors and designs could vary in mini-sized)

3.) How many dozens total?
(Specify each flavor amount)

4.) Choose your design!

5.) Email us with your name, phone number, and pickup date!


Custom Cupcake Flavors

These flavors, not only taste good, but can have a customized design on them!
Note - If more than one flavor is desired, it must be a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor.

  • Classic Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Red Velvet

  • Birthday Cake

  • Orange

  • Lemon

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Vanilla Oreo

  • Cinnamon

                  * Add a filling: $5 per dozen


Custom Cupcake Designs


Fancy & Fresh

Elegant buttercream design including up to 3 colors, Fresh florals to match, Fresh fruit, and edible glitter dusting


*Not available in mini-sized*


Buttercream Florals

Buttercream florals up to 4 colors, optional limit 2-4 different floral designs.

$50 / dozen


Buttercream Design

Buttercream design up to 3 colors, optional matching sprinkles
Or add a chocolate figure on top



Rosette Swirl

Single colored/flavored buttercream, optional multi-tone swirl.


Specialty Cupcakes

You can now order our gourmet cupcakes anytime!!
Note - If more than one flavor is desired, it must be a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor.

With our specialty flavors, they cannot be customized.
Each description tells how each cupcake will be decorated. We have candles and other toppers available at retail we can add on for you!


Death By Chocolate:
Decadent chocolate cupcake with a rich, house-made chocolate ganache filling, and frosted in chocolate buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate ganache drizzle and a chocolate candy on top.

Classic Red Velvet:
Red velvet cupcake frosted with a delicious cream cheese frosting. Decorated with red velvet cake crumbs and a dusting of edible glitter (optional)

Cookies and Cream:
Chocolate cupcake frosted with our cookies and cream buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate ganache drizzle and a whole oreo on top.

Strawberry Shortcake:
Vanilla cupcake with a strawberry puree filling, frosted with whipped vanilla buttercream. Decorated with a fresh strawberries half.

White Chocolate Raspberry:
Vanilla cupcake with a raspberry puree filling. Frosted with decadent white chocolate ganache buttercream and fresh raspberry buttercream. Decorated with white chocolate bark and fresh raspberries on top, and dusted with edible glitter (optional).

Birthday Cake:
Funfetti cupcake frosted with vanilla buttercream, covered in rainbow sprinkles, and a rosette swirl of buttercream on top.

Honey Bun:
Honey Bun cupcake frosted in out-of-this-world maple cinnamon buttercream. Decorated with a cinnamon dusting and gold edible glitter (optional).
Milk & Cookies Cake:
Chocolate Chip cupcake filled frosted with vanilla buttercream and swirls of chocolate buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate ganache drizzle, mini chocolate chips, and mini chocolate chip cookies finishing off the top.

Chocolate Strawberry:
Chocolate cupcake frosted with a fresh strawberry buttercream. Decorated with a chocolate covered strawberry.

Key Lime Pie:
Vanilla cupcake with a graham cracker bottom, filled with a key lime pie filling, and topped with a key lime buttercream. Decorated with a dusting of graham cracker and a fresh lime slice.

Lemon Drop:

Lemon cupcake with a fresh lemon curd filling. Topped with a silky lemon buttercream and a fresh slice of lemon.

Ordering Your Custom Cupcakes

When contacting us, please give us 72 hours to respond to your request. If you do not hear from us within that time, please try sending your request again.

For custom cupcakes, we need AT LEAST 2 weeks notice due to the high volume of orders. It is very rare if we have last-minute availability.


To place your custom cupcake order:

1.) Choose your cupcake flavor

2.) Mini-sized or regular sized?
(Some flavors could vary in mini-sized)

3.) How many dozens total?
(Specify each flavor amount)

4.) Choose your design!

5.) Email us with your name, phone number, and pickup date and time

Make sure you're following us on social media for daily updates and new flavors!


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Pickup Info:
We are open Wednesday through Saturdays for pickups. All orders must be picked up during those day, no exceptions. Pickups must be picked up during business hours. 

Cupcake Care Instructions:
Best eaten day of. Keep in airtight container overnight. Refrigerate anything with cream cheese or fruit.

Contains gluten, eggs, dairy, may contain traces of nuts. We are not a nut-free facility.

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