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1. What are your store hours?
Our store hours are currently:
Wednesday-Friday: 11am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

2. How do I place an order?

Please view our website tabs before submitting an order. We have custom cakes, party cakes, heart cakes, mini cake and cupcake boxes, and handcrafted sweets you can choose from. Each tab will have a form at the bottom for you to fill out.

For custom cakes, the owner, Liv, will get in touch with you about your inquiry request form submitted, as these require much more specifics and details.

For Party cakes, Heart cakes, and mini cake and cupcake boxes, you can do this in store or online.

3. How far in advance do I need to place my order?
Please remember that we are not your average bakery. We are a specialty dessert shop that bakes fresh daily. Every cake/cupcake order is MADE TO ORDER. Liv For Sweets books custom cakes/cupcakes 2-3 month in advance on average and can only accept a certain amount of specialty orders per week. We recommend ordering your cake or cupcakes as soon as you know the details! Once a weekend is fully booked, we are not able to accept any more orders. Larger orders should be booked at least 4-5 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

4. Do you offer gluten-free, vegan, sugar free, or any other special diets?
We do not carry gluten-free, sugar free or vegan desserts.

5. Is your kitchen nut free?
We are not a nut free facility. All of our desserts are baked in the same oven and are prepared with the same tools and equipment. We take every precaution when washing and sanitizing our kitchen utensils and equipment. 

6. Do I need to leave a deposit on my order?
Yes, all orders require at least a 50% deposit upon booking. Your order will not go onto the Liv For Sweets calendar without a deposit. Our 1-week-notice cakes requires a full payment at booking (heart cakes and party cakes). For payments, we accept cash, check($35 bounce fee), and all major credit cards. We can accept payment over the phone, over an emailed invoice we can send, or you can visit the store to make your deposit.

7. Do you deliver?
We do not offer delivery.
The only time we may consider delivery is with a large event order, such as a wedding. Please contact us via email for pricing.

8. Do you have pre-made cakes ready for pickup daily?
Once in a while we do have ready-to-go- cakes available. It really depends how busy we are with each week. We post regularly on our social media to keep you up to date.

9. Can you put characters or logos on my cake?
We are unable to put any licensed or trademarked characters or logos on a cake. However, if you supply a figurine, we can create a beautiful cake themed around the characters and place the figurines on the cake. We do not sell any figurines in store.

10. Can you reproduce a cake from a picture for me?
While we love to use pictures as inspiration, we would rather give you a special and unique cake, combining your photos with our own artistic design. It's classier to be an original.

11. Can someone else pickup my order for me?
Of course! You may send someone else to pick up your order, but please make sure they know the correct name and phone number that the order was made under.

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