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Custom Cakes

We are currently booking out about a or so month in advance. Email us to see if your date is available!

Our custom cake designs are unique. We do not use any fondant material. Instead, we use the talent of our buttercream skills, florals, and chocolate molding to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.
Order your special occasion cake ahead of time! All of our cakes are made fresh to order. We do not have extra cakes available daily.


What to Know Before Ordering

We are currently booking up a month or so in advance. Please reach out to check to see if your event date is available.

- We DO NOT use fondant on any of our work. If there is a cake that requires fondant, we might could work with you in coming up with a custom design or provide a cake topper in its place.

- All cakes are priced differently due to each customization.
- If you have an exact picture of the cake you are wanting, please attach it when contacting us so we can give a better price estimate.
- Tiered Cakes are priced by the slice, not the tier. Please email us directly to receive pricing information for tiered cakes. 
- Vanilla Buttercream is the only frosting that can be colored.

- The cake flavors we offer, are the only flavors we currently offer. See 'Cake Flavors" page for a list of all of our flavors.
- Due to limited space in our store, pick-up must be prompt. If you are running late, please call to let us know so we can store your cake properly. If you are coming earlier than your scheduled pick-up time, there is a chance your order will not be ready. Always call ahead to check with a staff members first.    

Choosing the Right Size Cake

Trying to figure out what size cake to get can be difficult. Our cake sizing guide below can help pull you in the right direction!

- 4" Cake (serves 3-5 slices) $35-$45

- 6" Cake (serves 8-12 slices) starts at $65

- 6" XL Cake (serves 12-16 slices) starts at $75

- 8" Cake (serves 18-24 slices) starts at $85

- 10 " Cake (serves 30-38 slices) starts at $100

- 12" Cake (serves 40-48 slices) starts at $135

- Two-tiered cakes start at $185 (4" x 6")

Please contact us with any two tiered or larger cakes, as these require more technical pricing. 
We currently offer the maximum of a stacked 3 tier cake.
Tiered Cakes range from $5.00-$6.50 per serving.

**Delivery and setup is available upon request for larger cake orders. Available up to 30min away - $140 flat rate fee. If longer than 30min, the fee will increase.






Cake Styles

Choose one of our designs for your custom cake order! After its been chosen, you have the choice to add custom cake toppers, edible glitters, sprinkles, custom colors, etc., to your cake.
You can also visit our social media pages to see even more design we've created!

If you have picture of what you're wanting that is similar to one our designs that we offer, please attach it via email when contacting us.

We do not offer fondant covered/decorated cakes. The cakes below are examples of what we specialize in.

Placing Your Order

We do not have a specific cake order form due to the customization of our cakes.

When placing your cake order, make sure to include the following to simplify the ordering process:

  1. Please include your contact information (Name, phone number, email)

  2. Attach any images relating to the custom cake you are wanting. (Our pictures on Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Google, etc.)                                                                                 

  3. Specify the cake flavor, filling, and outside buttercream(s). 

  4. Go into detail of any custom extras you would like to include on the cake.                                  

  5. We require a 50% deposit on all custom orders over $60. Custom orders will NOT be put on our calendar until the deposit is made. You must know the exact date you will be picking the order up on before ordering.

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