Not a cake person? No problem!!

We try to have something sweet to everyone's liking! Check out our other sweets that we have available daily in the case! We have more unique sweets coming soon!


Banana Pudding


We currently offer our Famous Banana Pudding only on Saturdays!
(**Available January 1st - October 31st**)

It comes in 16oz containers! Large enough for maybe 2 people. BUT if you're like us, we eat it in one sitting! More sizes coming soon!

One 16oz container is only $5.50!
Pre-orders available!

Family Size (serves approx. 20-30 people) $75
Must pre-order 1 week in advance!

Frosted Brownies


Brownies in all ways, shapes, flavors, and forms!

We have Frosted Brownies available daily in the case!
Pre-orders are available for pans of frosted brownies or large quanities or mini brownies. Please email us for more information!

Flavors include:
- Classic Chocolate
- Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip
- Vanilla Sprinkle
- Chocolate Caramel
- Peanut Butter Chocolate Ganache
- Chocolate Cosmic
- S'mores
- Cookies and Cream
- Red Velvet White Chocolate
- Chocolate Chip Blondie


Frosted Brownies are $4.75 each

Cookies + Cookie Sammies


Our Cookie Sammies have became incredibly popular since we first opened in August 2019.

A Cookie Sammie is simply our homemade buttercream, sandwiched in between 2 delicious cookies.

Cookie Sammie Flavors:
- Funfetti Sprinkle
- Original Chocolate Chip 
- S'mores
- Lemon
- Puppy Chow
- Oatmeal Cream Pie

- Red Velvet
- Key Lime Pie
- White Chocolate Raspberry
- Triple Chocolate

Individual Cookie Sammies - $4.75 each
For pre-orders, we require atleast 1 dozen per flavor.

** Mini Cookie Sammies available for larger events. Email us for more info!

We also offer a variety of individual cookies
- Salted Chocolate Chunk (Daily flavor)
- White Chocolate
- Sugar Cookie Sprinkle
- Cookies and Cream 
- Snickerdoodle/Cinnamon

We have cookies available in our daily case! For orders of 12 or more, we ask that you preorder. Any cookie orders of 12 or more require at least a 2 day notice.
Individual cookies - $2.50 each




Our Cakesicles are currently the talk of the town!

Introduced to the community in November of 2020, these beauties are available most of the tie in our daily sweet selection!

Don't know what a Cakesicle is?
It is simply our wonderful, homemade cake blended together with our buttercream frosting, covered in a layer of chocolate and decorated!

$4.95 each
** Mini Cakesicles available for larger events. Email us for more info!

Custom Pricing

We do offer custom handcrafted sweets, basing off of a certain theme or colors! Feel free to reach out and we can discuss your options!

Pricing can vary depending on the personalization of the treat!
Mini versions are also available on most sweets!